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3D Areola Tattooing with Michelle from Blade and Brow

Mastectomy restoration is a growing service that has an increasing demand as more and more women and even some men face the battle against breast cancer. For patients in Southern California and surrounding states, they can receive a new treatment to help with the cosmetic needs following breast surgery, Areola tattoo reconstruction. We specialize in permanent make up and the creation of near flawless Areola Tattoos. 

How Can Areola Tattoos Benefit Me?

Instead of opting to go for the expensive reconstructive surgery of using tissue to rebuild a nipple and areola, there is a growing number of women who are choosing instead to have an areola simply tattooed over the reconstructed breast. This gives the appearance of a nipple and areola without all the tissue and reconstruction required with typical nipple surgery. Even with tissue reconstruction for the nipple, areola tattooing is a great option to recreate the color and realistic look of a natural areola.

Reconstruction Tattoos

The most realistic results can be achieved by using 3D tattooing practices that paint a picture of a nipple and areola onto the breast. It uses multiple shades and layers of tattooing to give a very realistic look, yet it some cases can be flat with no physical dimension. A tattoo artist who has experience working with areola tattoos and reconstruction tattoos can use a wide range of colors to create a tattoo that matches skin tone and existing nipples almost perfectly. Generally, it can be done in one session but in some cases touch up sessions may be needed over time to maintain the realistic look and changes in the body. 3D tattoos are permanent and a safe, inexpensive option for those who want a natural looking breast.

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