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Perfect for the eyebrow with medium to sparse hair. This is a more traditional method of cosmetic tattooing. The pigment lasts longer when applied in this manner as it is deeper in the skin. This procedure involves the technician using a digital machine, gradually building up color and defining the natural shape by layering in thousands of tiny dots. This technique follows a desired shape to give the appearance of natural looking brows.

You may also be interested in brow microblading. 

Treatment Time:
2 Hours
Follow Up:
1 Included  (4-6 week touch-up)

Cosmetic Ink Artistry offers Powder Brow Permanent Makeup services for shaping the eyebrows semi-permanently with “little hairs” for more density. We use stroking and styling methods to achieve a natural and fuller look. Our specialist creates a safe and sanitized area, taking care of each and every process.

Powder Brow Permanent Makeup

Powder Eyebrows Permanent Makeup is a semi-permanent eyebrow styling technique that creates a soft shaded brow pencil look. It gives great definition and depth to the eyebrows. It is the best-suited technique for women with oily skin or combination skin.

Difference between Powder Eyebrows Permanent Makeup and Microblading

The major difference between the two eyebrow techniques is how the deposition of pigment on the skin is performed. In Powder Brow Microblading, a handheld tool is used to carve small cuts into the skin, whereas Powder Brow Eyebrows are done using a machine.

Women with large pores and oily skin should opt for Powdered Brows, as in microblading, the strokes may fade faster.

Powder Brows last from about 2-5 years depending upon your lifestyle, skin type, health condition, skin exposure, etc.

Benefits of Powdered Brow Permanent Makeup

Powder Brows suits well for all the skin types, unlike microblading which may not work for oily skinned beauties. It gives your eyebrows a fuller, subtle look, giving you the upper hand of creating a dramatic look when you want to be a little extra.

It lasts longer than micro bladed brows. The Powder Brow Technique is less invasive as well as less painful than Microblading.

More on Powder Brow Eyebrows

For the best results, there are certain things you should keep in mind.

Do not work out for at least one week as sweating disturbs the healing process. Do not peel the scabs, let them shed naturally.

Avoid heavy sun exposure or washing your brows extensively. Instead, use a soft cotton pad for wiping the area.

Avoid any kind of facial treatment during the healing process. Our specialists take time to understand each client’s requirements to deliver the best result. We start by applying a pre-numbing cream to lessen the pain and any kind of discomfort. We ensure you an absolutely safe procedure with promising results.


We know that not everyone wakes up with naturally perfect eyebrows. But now it’s possible. Opting for powdered eyebrows will save you the countless hours you spend on your eyebrows.

Contact Cosmetic Ink Artistry to enhance your beauty and get those perfect brows today!

General Questions Asked:

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup is not truly permanent as it will fade over time. Factors such as shade of pigmentation used, skin tone, overall health and skin care will determine fading results. Strict adherence to after care instructions and sunscreen must be used. A followup visit is necessary to implant pigmentation for longest lasting results.

Will the pigment used change color or fade at all?

Yes, colors will fade and soften over time. Touchups are necessary about every 12-18 months. Usually one touch up appointment is necessary.

When should a follow-up be scheduled?

four to six weeks after first application. Expect permanent makeup to last between 3-7 years.
Optimal lasting results are obtained by scheduling quick touchups as needed.

Is the procedure painful?

No.  Topical anesthetic is used for all procedures and has absolutely no adverse effects on final results.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

Expect area to be dark for a few days. Final results will be desired in about 6 weeks.

Aftercare Instructions Click Here

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