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Permanent Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement Procedure

Eyelash Enhancement Liner

Permanent Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement

If the eyes are truly the “Windows of the Soul”, then just like a window, the eyes need a frame around them so they won’t get lost. Permanent eyeliner, when applied tastefully and age appropriate, is very anti-aging. Eyeliner takes away the tired look we may get as we age . It also lifts up and opens the eye, and helps make the white of the eye appear whiter which makes the color clearer and brighter. The end result is making one look younger and more rested. Plastic surgeons love permanent eyeliner after their client has had their eyes done. It is like applying the finishing icing on a beautifully decorated cake (talking about you). Once the procedure is completed, and healed, it’s very natural looking!

Procedure time (approximately):

Upper Eyeliner Only – 1 hr

Lower Eyeliner Only – 1 hr

Upper and Lower – 2 hr

All clients are medically numbed to ensure maximum patient comfort and there is no down time.

Clients may go back to work immediately after a procedure.

Cosmetic Ink Artistry offers Permanent Makeup and quality Microblading treatment services. Our specialists take care of each and every process, making it a safe space. With our strictly sanitized environment and Certified Specialist, we aim to provide the perfect look for our clients.

Our Services

Many services are provided to the clients by Cosmetic Ink Artistry. These include the permanent makeup eyeliner, microblading, powder brows, color and shape correction of the brows, and an option of combo brows.

Along with this, there are therapies such as collagen therapy and plasma Fibroblast. These therapies are a good solution for fine lines and skin tightening.

Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Services

When it comes to permanent makeup, the most popular cosmetic solution is a permanent Eyeliner Tattoo. The lifestyle that is now adopted by many people is usually hectic and fast-paced. It has also become important to look fresh and energetic at almost all times. Most of it is reflected in the eyes. They can change the entire look of any person in just an instance. Therefore, permanent Eyeliner tattoo are the best solution for the brisk lifestyle we are living, giving the eyes the definition that makes them bright and highlighted.

Semi-permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Services

Since many people are not that aware of cosmetic surgeries and solutions, there are a lot of misconceptions that are present in people’s minds. One of the most common ones is that permanent makeup actually lasts forever. This is not true as it fades over time. This means that it actually is a semi-permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Many other factors affect the life of such a cosmetic procedure. The appointments that are made for touch-ups, their frequencies, and the pigmentation of skin plays a huge role in determining the effects of any such procedures.

How safe is it?

There are medical examinations before getting a semi-permanent makeup eyeliner and all other procedures. The anesthetics do not affect the person or the final result of the procedure as well.

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, there isn’t any wait time for the clients, they can resume their work and lives right after getting any of the procedures done. This makes it a convenient and time-saving alternative. The clients are not only provided with maximum comfort, which is ensured by proper examination but they are also provided with very personal experience as well.


Makeup gives any person instant confidence and adds to the charm of their beauty. Opting for permanent makeup is the most practical solution for saving the countless hours that are spent in achieving the perfect makeup.

Ready to discover Permanent or Semi-permanent Eyeliner tattoo with us? Book an appointment or give us a call now!

General Questions Asked:

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup is not truly permanent as it will fade over time. Factors such as shade of pigmentation used, skin tone, overall health and skin care will determine fading results. Strict adherence to after care instructions and sunscreen must be used. A followup visit is necessary to implant pigmentation for longest lasting results.

Will the pigment used change color or fade at all?

Yes, colors will fade and soften over time. Touchups are necessary about every 12-18 months. Usually one touch up appointment is necessary.

When should a follow-up be scheduled?

four to six weeks after first application. Expect permanent makeup to last between 3-7 years.
Optimal lasting results are obtained by scheduling quick touchups as needed.

Is the procedure painful?

No.  Topical anesthetic is used for all procedures and has absolutely no adverse effects on final results.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

Expect area to be dark for a few days. Final results will be desired in about 6 weeks.

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