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  • Post Procedure Instructions

    First 48 Hours:
    • Before showering, with a clean cotton swab or q-tip gently cover areolas with a very thin layer of Aquaphor. When showering; keep your back to the shower spray, DO NOT let the Hot water spray directly on your tattooed breasts. Thoroughly wash your breasts with mild soap such as Dial, Cetaphyl or baby shampoo, DO NOT use anything astringent. Continue to very gently rinse until surface blood, ointment and soap have been removed.
    • Dry around the tattoo by blotting very gently with a clean towel or damp paper towel. Continue to air dry for 10-15 minutes until the tattoo is dry.
    • Apply Aquaphor in a THIN, light coat by gently rubbing it into the areola with a q-tip, cover with a non-stick bandage.
      VERY IMPORTANT: The tattoo should feel moistened but not heavily coated. Use the ointment provided only. If the ointment burns or hurts in any way, stop using it immediately and call me. Michelle Lynn (714) 679-9949.
    • All tattoos weep bodily fluids and it is important to blot the fluids off with a damp (distilled water) paper towel or tissue periodically throughout the 7 days. DO NOT APPLY LOTS OF PRESSURE.
    • If at any time the non-stick bandage appears to stick to the areola that has been tattooed, DO NOT continue to remove it! This can pull the pigment out or tear the skin that is healing. WAIT until you can get into the shower, soaking the pads until they gently come off.
    • REBANDAGE with non-stick bandage whenever you have to wear clothing over your tattoo, AVOID tight clothing if possible.
    • WHENEVER POSSIBLE, expose the tattoo to the air or cover it with loose-fitting clothing. While the tattoo is covered, it is healing slower. The skin needs oxygen to heal.
    At Night 1st 5-7days:
    1. Use a very thin coat of Aquaphor and cover with Saran Wrap or non stick bandage if tattoo is still weeping any fluid. Try to leave uncovered when possible to allow air and oxygen to the area.
    2. Wear loose fitting sleepwear with a leisure/sports bra to hold wrap in place.
    After 5-7 days:
    1. Let your breasts dry out to continue healing on their own.
    2. No more ointments unless they seem to be getting chapped, then apply thin layer as if needed.
    3. STILL gently blot them with a damp paper towel or tissue if there is any weeping.
    4. Let them dry heal from this point on.
    What Should You Expect Afterwards?
    • SLIGHT SWELLING and redness following the procedure and the skin may feel tight and sensitive. These symptoms will ease within 1-7 days depending on how sensitive your skin is and how much post-surgical feeling has been preserved.
    • For 10 days or until peeling is complete DO NOT expose your tattoos to dust, dirt, or sunlight. DO NOT exercise or cause sweat in the area of your tattoo.
    • PEELING or scabbing may begin in about a week. DO NOT: pick, peel, rub or scratch the epithelial crust, ALLOW it to flake off on its own. Otherwise, the color may heal unevenly and you risk infection. It is important that the healing process happens in its natural course. As the pigmented area of the skin heals and dries, it forms a scab. This can last up to 14-21 days and the dead cells (scab) will come off as the healing takes place. SCARRING can occur if the scabs are prematurely removed or peeled off also resulting in color loss. Allow them to fall of natural to preserve the integrity of the skin and the color of the tattoo.
    • You will notice slight fading of the pigment and softening of the color. Your tattoo may have a waxy or shiny appearance when it first peels, THIS IS NORMAL. The new skin will gradually settle day by day and the waxy haze will subside bringing the out more clearly but much softer than it was originally when the tattoo was fresh.
    • DO NOT expose your tattoos to the sunlight, tanning beds, lake water, ponds, oceans, hot tubs, pools, and saunas for the first 2 weeks of the healing process. Until there are no longer any scabs or crusting present, there is a greater risk of infection as well as lack of color retention.
    • GENTLY pat dry following showers, baths, or any wetness, even up to 5-6 weeks post-procedure, allowing optimal time for healing.
    • A total of 8 weeks is required before a touch up is needed.
    I am so happy to have been part of your Journey.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.
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