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Areola Restoration / 3D Areola Tattooing

Areola Restoration Tattooing3D Areola Tattooing with Michelle

Mastectomy restoration is a growing service that has an increasing demand as more and more women and even some men face the battle against breast cancer. For patients in Southern California and surrounding states, they can receive a new treatment to help with the cosmetic needs following breast surgery, Areola tattoo reconstruction. We specialize in permanent make up and the creation of near flawless Areola Tattoos.

Reconstruction Tattoos

The most realistic results can be achieved by using 3D tattooing practices that paint a picture of a nipple and areola onto the breast. It uses multiple shades and layers of tattooing to give a very realistic look, yet it some cases can be flat with no physical dimension. A tattoo artist who has experience working with areola tattoos and reconstruction tattoos can use a wide range of colors to create a tattoo that matches skin tone and existing nipples almost perfectly. Generally, it can be done in one session but in some cases touch up sessions may be needed over time to maintain the realistic look and changes in the body. 3D tattoos are permanent and a safe, inexpensive option for those who want a natural looking breast.

an areola re-pigmentation tattoo isn’t just a unique and innovative procedure; it is a way to restore the breast’s natural beauty and the woman’s self-confidence.

At Cosmetic Ink Artistry, we have the high-tech knowledge and advanced technology to offer services in 3D Areola Restoration. We believe in creating the most comfortable environment for our clients, adding to their satisfactory personal experience. Our experts conduct an examination to ensure a safe permanent restoration tattooing.

Permanent cosmetic tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing or Professional Cosmetic Tattoo methods are techniques which employ tattoos or permanent pigmentation on your skin resembling makeup, such as eyeliner, or enhancing colors of the skin, lips, eyelids, brows, and Areola. It is used to restore or enhance the areola after breast surgery.

Is Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Safe?

Permanent Makeup can be totally safe if you take excellent care of it during the healing process. The healing process of a Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo is a lot shorter than a normal tattoo and takes about three weeks. We create advanced solutions for all queries and procedures.

3D Areola Restoration

Areola Restoration Tattoo is a service that has an increasing demand between women and some men as well. It isn’t just a unique and innovative procedure but also a way to restore the breast’s natural beauty is the women’s self-confidence.

We, at, Cosmetic Ink Artistry ace in achieving the most realistic results by using the 3D Areola Restoration tattooing technique.  After using multiple shades and layers of tattooing, a picture of the nipple and areola on the breast is tattooed.

Our experienced tattoo artists use a wide range of colors to create a tattoo that matches the existing nipples perfectly.  It generally takes one session but might take more depending on your body.


Areola Restoration is a permanent work that should be done with proper safety standards and a safe comfortable environment. We provide the most practical solutions with efficiency without compromising on the standard.

Areola re-pigmentation tattooing is a way to bring self-confidence and restore natural beauty. Visit us or book an appointment with us now!

General Questions Asked:

How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup is not truly permanent as it will fade over time. Factors such as shade of pigmentation used, skin tone, overall health and skin care will determine fading results. Strict adherence to after care instructions and sunscreen must be used. A followup visit is necessary to implant pigmentation for longest lasting results.

Will the pigment used change color or fade at all?

Yes, colors will fade and soften over time. Touchups are necessary about every 12-18 months. Usually one touch up appointment is necessary.

When should a follow-up be scheduled?

four to six weeks after first application. Expect permanent makeup to last between 3-7 years.
Optimal lasting results are obtained by scheduling quick touchups as needed.

Is the procedure painful?

No.  Topical anesthetic is used for all procedures and has absolutely no adverse effects on final results.

How will I look immediately after the procedure?

Expect area to be dark for a few days. Final results will be desired in about 6 weeks.

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